The Grant Rant for Today is About ‘Refunds’

Having just wrapped up another successful launch, it is with bemusement that I watch a slow trickle of refund requests coming in to the Support Desk.

Some are quite polite, some are quite confusing, some are quite harsh and some offer no reason at all.

I have seen a simple ‘Refund Please’ and even one that stated ‘This product rocked, I am just not ready to implement it yet so please can I have my money back’.

Of course, you can probably add many of your own excuses to this list but what I am wondering today is what is the common thinking on this refund culture that seems to be growing more common, especially on the Warrior Forum where we are talking about such low values in most cases anyway.

Up until now, I have always supported just giving the refund with a 30 day guarantee and a smile. However, is 30 days really too long? Could 7 days be better or in fact, maybe none at all? After all, PayPal don’t always support buyers of digital downloads do they?

If a buyer has a genuine reason, such as the product doesn’t work in their region for whatever reason, then that could be a fair request. But if a buyer openly says this is great, I am just not ready for it, and then is that fair?

Next we move on to the less favourable refunders which are those that go straight for the jugular. Don’t we all just love seeing that email from PayPal saying that a dispute has been opened. Doesn’t that just taint the smile when refunding a little bit.

After all, if these people had just asked, they would probably have got their money anyway so what makes a person go straight for the sledgehammer over a $7 purchase?

If you are one of these people, might I add here that PayPal are closing down Warriors wholesale right now and this action could have far deeper repercussions than just a $7 refund. It really is not a good practice and I believe people that do this should be named and shamed, unless of course they had no alternative.

Well, this Rant is in danger of going on far too long and I think you get my point but what is the common thinking out there? Do we hold fast and say goodbye Mr. Nice Guy or do we simply submit in grace and hope that PayPal doesn’t start waving the flags when the hit men attack!

Here Endeth the Grant Rant for Today

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