The Grant Rant for Today is ‘Approach to thinking’

Just yesterday, I witnessed a perfect example of the wrong approach to thinking. I am having a new kitchen fitted and it was the turn of the plumber. Now, bearing in mind this is a set fee job, there is no benefit in drawing the work out, the plumber stood in my semi-demolished kitchen and sighed, then sighed again. He phoned his mate to come around and look then spent almost an hour discussing what a mess the current pipe work was. He then called another friend and told him how the job was going to take him much longer than usual and basically lost at least an hour in just complaining about his task ahead.
Then, satisfied by his extensive rant he set about completing the work, which took about 90 minutes! He had spent 40% of his time complaining and 60% actually doing before heading off with a cheery wave saying ‘Well that wasn’t so bad really’.

My point here is that many things in life aren’t actually as bad as you initially perceive and if you cut out the 40% of ‘Rant Time’, just think how much more productive you would be in your working day.
Yes, I know it is human nature to complain and I do it too but in my case, my complaints tend to be centred around lack of action rather than as an excuse for action.
So today, before you start evaluating problems, take a deep sigh, a quick step back and then get on with resolving the problem.

As my friend Darren Monroe once told me… Don’t Just See The Solution, Be The Solution.

Here Endeth the Grant Rant for Today.

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