The Grant Rant for Today is ‘Resistance’

As my working focus turns increasingly towards Launch Management, I find myself coming into contact with a whole range of character types. Although most of them share the same dream, which is to launch a product into the Internet Space, I am seeing more clearly the obstacles that impact on their journeys to success. Quite often, the barriers are in place before the product is market-ready, in fact they are probably in place before they thought of entering the world of Internet Marketing or before they even left school!
The primary barrier that I am seeing almost daily is deep within and is whether an individual is wired for success. Whether they can extend beyond their comfort zone and whether they truly are psychologically prepared for this journey.

So ask yourself first, are you ready for this journey, do you truly believe it is your destiny, will you embrace the experience and will you relish the glory that follows?

Most people would say yes on the surface as it is the standard dream we all aspire towards but deep down inside, we have been conditioned in certain ways and this is why entrepreneurs become wired for opportunity and employees are wired for work!

Yes, if you are held back by your inner beliefs, then absolutely you can change, it will not happen overnight but mindset can be shifted as long as you believe and persist.
To help you along the way, it is always good to get in with the crowd, share the buzz, the dream and the motivation but please do not, and I mean DO NOT call me to discuss your launch until you are ready for success deep within.

A journey can never be completed until everyone is travelling in the same direction. Ok, you could climb on board and just enjoy the ride but then, is it your journey? Your destiny? Your dream?

No it is not…so go away, get the mind set for success and then let’s talk…
Here Endeth the Grant Rant for Today

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