The Grant Rant for Today is About ‘Refunds’

Having just wrapped up another successful launch, it is with bemusement that I watch a slow trickle of refund requests coming in to the Support Desk.

Some are quite polite, some are quite confusing, some are quite harsh and some offer no reason at all.

I have seen a simple ‘Refund Please’ and even one that stated ‘This product rocked, I am just not ready to implement it yet so please can I have my money back’.

Of course, you can probably add many of your own excuses to this list but what I am wondering today is what is the common thinking on this refund culture that seems to be growing more common, especially on the Warrior Forum where we are talking about such low values in most cases anyway.

Up until now, I have always supported just giving the refund with a 30 day guarantee and a smile. However, is 30 days really too long? Could 7 days be better or in fact, maybe none at all? After all, PayPal don’t always support buyers of digital downloads do they?

If a buyer has a genuine reason, such as the product doesn’t work in their region for whatever reason, then that could be a fair request. But if a buyer openly says this is great, I am just not ready for it, and then is that fair?

Next we move on to the less favourable refunders which are those that go straight for the jugular. Don’t we all just love seeing that email from PayPal saying that a dispute has been opened. Doesn’t that just taint the smile when refunding a little bit.

After all, if these people had just asked, they would probably have got their money anyway so what makes a person go straight for the sledgehammer over a $7 purchase?

If you are one of these people, might I add here that PayPal are closing down Warriors wholesale right now and this action could have far deeper repercussions than just a $7 refund. It really is not a good practice and I believe people that do this should be named and shamed, unless of course they had no alternative.

Well, this Rant is in danger of going on far too long and I think you get my point but what is the common thinking out there? Do we hold fast and say goodbye Mr. Nice Guy or do we simply submit in grace and hope that PayPal doesn’t start waving the flags when the hit men attack!

Here Endeth the Grant Rant for Today

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The Birth of the Grant Rant

For those of you who are yet to discover the Grant Rant, let me explained a little about the background.
Somewhere around September 2011 I purchased a product from Todd Gross & Charles Kirkland called WSO Super Affiliates. Now in true WSO style, I didn’t actually get to looking at much of the product as my mind was firmly in shiny new object mode at that point.
However, one thing that did come out of this product was an invitation by Todd to join his WSO Super Affiliates Skype Chat Group.

I had joined many Skype Groups before and had always witnessed the initial rush of enthusiasm, followed by a steady decline after only a few weeks. This was incredibly frustrating for me as I could clearly see the benefit of interacting on Skype Groups and the power of the networks that can be created.

So, seeing this group as being potentially valuable, when the conversation started to die away, I really didn’t want to let it happen yet again. Todd was always around somewhere in the background but by his nature, was not the most vocal person in the room and so I tried to come up with a strategy that might breathe new life into the Group and stimulate conversation.

The last thing I wanted to do was to keep going onto the group and saying things like ‘Hi’ or ‘Is anyone around?’ and appearing rather sad or crazy. Instead I needed to think of something to say, and something that might stimulate conversation and so the Grant Rant was born.

The form of the Grant Rant was to discuss a topic that had entered my mind that morning around product launch, working with partners or quite often about mindset. It was never intended to be a definitive answer on anything, rather to be just a perspective that people should freely discuss, challenge or add to.

I posted the Grant Rant for about a week and noticed that the conversation still did not come and so in some dismay I stopped. Facing defeat, I was about to head back to the drawing board when suddenly, people started to ask where was the Grant Rant for today.
Suddenly the group started to show sparks of revival and indeed from that point on, the Rant became a daily feature and continued to be a bit of an attraction for some months to come.

Now I admit that there is a time and a place for everything and maybe my time has moved to other things now but the reason I tell this story is that the Grant Rant actually served many purposes. It gave me something that people remembered me by. I claimed a place in that group and also gained respect from many members.

The group has gone on to bigger and better things since the days of the Grant Rant and I do take pride in the thought that maybe my contribution was a part of this success.
I know that the Grant Rant certainly helped me to grow my own career and therefore, if you spot an opportunity where you can take a stage, the benefit can often be far beyond your expectations.

Anyway, I have gone on for long enough today and want to wrap this up but I did feel that it was important to tell you this story before I start sending you some of my Rants so that you know where they are coming from and why they exist.

As you read the Rants that I send to you, please don’t forget, they are never intended to be authoritative. They are intended to provoke thought, help you to analyse various situations in your life and even to reply to me to argue your case.

The Grant Rant will continue to be published on the Warrior Forum and on the Global Reach Alliance site so please do feel free to comment as you see fit.
I will aim to send out the Grant Rants once or twice a week and they will appear in your inbox as being from The Grant Rant so keep an eye out for these.

Here Endeth the Grant Rant for Today

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The Grant Rant for Today is ‘Resistance’

As my working focus turns increasingly towards Launch Management, I find myself coming into contact with a whole range of character types. Although most of them share the same dream, which is to launch a product into the Internet Space, I am seeing more clearly the obstacles that impact on their journeys to success. Quite often, the barriers are in place before the product is market-ready, in fact they are probably in place before they thought of entering the world of Internet Marketing or before they even left school!
The primary barrier that I am seeing almost daily is deep within and is whether an individual is wired for success. Whether they can extend beyond their comfort zone and whether they truly are psychologically prepared for this journey.

So ask yourself first, are you ready for this journey, do you truly believe it is your destiny, will you embrace the experience and will you relish the glory that follows?

Most people would say yes on the surface as it is the standard dream we all aspire towards but deep down inside, we have been conditioned in certain ways and this is why entrepreneurs become wired for opportunity and employees are wired for work!

Yes, if you are held back by your inner beliefs, then absolutely you can change, it will not happen overnight but mindset can be shifted as long as you believe and persist.
To help you along the way, it is always good to get in with the crowd, share the buzz, the dream and the motivation but please do not, and I mean DO NOT call me to discuss your launch until you are ready for success deep within.

A journey can never be completed until everyone is travelling in the same direction. Ok, you could climb on board and just enjoy the ride but then, is it your journey? Your destiny? Your dream?

No it is not…so go away, get the mind set for success and then let’s talk…
Here Endeth the Grant Rant for Today

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The Grant Rant for Today is ‘Monday Morning Blues’

As with every Monday morning, I bid farewell to my 2 sons as they head off to school for the week, returning once again each Friday for their weekend with Dad.

As I walk away from the front door and back to my study at the rear of the house, I kick a discarded trainer to one side, discover their breakfast plate on the carpet and some other reminders that the house which was so recently active is now facing a relatively dormant period.

With their voices fading away down the crescent, an emptiness replaces and it is this void that I am now thinking of. So, rather than allowing the void to take control of my mind I must instead reassert my dreams and ambitions for the forthcoming week. Push aside the emptiness and refill it with energy, commitment and determination.

I am in fact lucky to have every week clear to focus almost exclusively on my career and I must realise that these times should be maximised to ensure that the weekends I spend with my boys are filled with fun and memories.

So that is my Monday morning, a battle between an emptiness and a space to be filled with opportunity and growth. Which will be the victor? Let’s see what comes on Friday.
Have a great week full of renewed conviction and lets make this week count!
Here Endeth the Grant Rant for Today.

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