The Grant Rant for Today is About ‘Validation’

Just the other day, yet another mis-aligned WSOTD ‘Award’ reminded us that this accolade is merely a marketing tool and should really not be seen as an attainment for WSO Creators.
Despite the fact that most marketers see through this as a mere revenue channel, many people still strive for attainment when they launch and many other marketers also congratulate those to whom it is bestowed upon’.
So why does WSOTD still hold such high regard?
I would suggest that it is because of our need for recognition, for praise and for reward.
I am not sure in many cases that it is even related to the surge of sales it would bring after being announced, it is more likely related to the same need that drives people to become celebrities.
If there are any chinks in our armour, we look for validation from our peers, we desire to see our name in lights and we overlook the underlying motivations for any accolade because of our own ego.
Conversely, I have seen that when people do not get WSOTD, they can use that as validation of failing, so whichever way you view WSOTD, as long as you develop sufficient self-belief and value in your own creations, you also won’t need WSOTD as you will already know you are a winner!

Here Endeth the Grant Rant for Today.

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