The Grant Rant for Today is ‘Be a Tart’

I am not sure if this word has a similar global meaning but in the UK it is a term for ‘someone who puts themselves about a bit’, generally in a promiscuous way.

Of course I am not suggesting you should lower any moral beliefs but I do feel that the term is suitable in many other ways.

As you move forward, it can only help for your name to become visible.
The more you can get your name in front of others, the more chance the lights will turn on when you offer anything for sale.

Familiarity is a known driver to sales and when people believe they know you, even if only by seeing your name scattered around enough, the sub-conscious mind makes them more drawn to your offer.

This is why I always make the effort to connect with affiliates whenever I can, it is why I always reach out to people that appear in my radar for whatever reason and even to the most intent, why I create these Rants.
If I promote a product, or even if I want someone to promote mine, I will watch their activity and will comment on any of their product releases, again just to get my name in front of their eyes.
Then, when it comes to asking, they feel they know you already.

As with everything, it does involve work on your behalf but it does reap rapid rewards and a strategy I firmly subscribe to.

Oh, and if you are thinking that you are just not that confident, don’t forget, it is all just virtual connecting and so does it really matter if you get ignored from time to time? It is no big deal, move on and move higher.

Here Endeth the Grant Rant for Today.

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