The Grant Rant for Today is ‘Treat ’em Right’

I just received an affiliate email and ok, I get hundreds just like you and no, I don’t really mind as it is all part of my homework.
So you might be asking what happened in this email to make me go off on yet another Rant?
Well, let me explain…
The promotion was for a new product just released on the Warrior Forum and get this…
It was by a guy for whom I mailed out only about 4 weeks ago.
Still confused?
Let me expand a little further…
The mail out I sent only a few weeks ago resulted in maybe 15-20% of this guy’s overall sales but I never even got a thank you which is sort of ok as I know these guys get pretty busy running the world but wouldn’t you think that when I sold a good volume of his last product, he might let me know he was about to launch another?
I certainly would be on to that one and can’t believe he missed the boat on easy sales but it does highlight a big failing in oh so many marketers on the Warrior Forum and beyond.
They forget the true value of affiliates.
It is so easy to say thanks, it is so easy to say please so why don’t these words feature in their pre-sales or post-sales marketing?
Ok, you can’t change the past or even the present but you can change the future and my advice to you is treat your affiliates like gold as it is without doubt that affiliates will bring you your King’s Shilling when it comes to product launches, especially on the Warrior Forum.
Take the time to connect even if it is just a thanks and more importantly, keep them close to you, after all, if they are not mailing for you, they are mailing for someone else, so which one is best?
And all for a please or thank you.

Here Endeth the Grant Rant for Today.

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