The Grant Rant for Today is ‘Tears on the Keyboard’


Tears on the Keyboard
by cheetah100 under CC BY  with WPSEOPix

A big lesson that I learned very early on in my resurgence was to leave negative emotions outside of a professional persona. This was reinforced only the other day when a negative reaction of mine was misconstrued and resulted in all manner of emotions bursting to the fore.
If you set your stock by your own identity, the one reason that people will take note is because they perceive you to be in a position of strength or greater awareness on a given topic, despite possibly being contrary to your own inner feelings.
In fact, my own childhood was scarred by a perceived failure, I am sure my mother intended it to be a driving force but when I achieved 98% in an exam, the reaction was not one of praise, it was more like, ‘What happened to the other 2%’?
As I said, for some people this might have motivated them towards perfection but in my case, it made me believe there was no real point in striving for the peaks if criticism was the only reward. It was therefore easier to stroll along, not aim for perfection and therefore not get destroyed if it was not achieved.
Now don’t get me wrong, I have achieved many good things in my life and have enjoyed success along the way but maybe, had I not had success tainted in those formative years, who knows where I would be today.
Anyway, this is slightly off the topic and was merely to prove a point, you see, I have now exposed an inner secret from my past but does this make me stronger or does it actually provoke negative thoughts you might harbour from your own childhood?
Whatever thoughts are actually rushing around your mind right now, the chances are that they are not driving you forward to achieve, and not reinforcing the positivity we need to move forward each day.
Therefore, the rather cryptic title is suggesting that you should never allow your tears to fall on your keyboard or be exposed to the world. No matter what inner turmoils you are facing, your public persona is not the place where your tears will fall on sympathetic ears, especially if you set yourself in a position of perceived strength.
Try to see the keyboard as a positive force, your gateway to a better place where everything is perfect and you can stroll around your virtual world with whatever disguise you choose to display.
Of course, I am not saying be false or misleading, what I am saying is that anyone who is listening is seeking better things and by helping them achieve, your life in turn will also be better, but you cannot do this through negativity and when your tears do fall on your keyboard, let it be waterproof, let it repel those tears and give you the strength to be positive for all who might await a strength from within.

Here Endeth the Grant Rant for Today.

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